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well everything went. Here are 7 reasons why never sell mineral rights may be bad advice for your situation: 1. Though the claims were too small for their business to sell they had great information for me and my situation. information about the US Mineral Exchange on a royalty owners website. Members. The amount you get from your royalty income is driven by how much oil and gas is recovered, your royalty percentage, and oil and gas prices. I highly recommend Garrett, he is a no nonsense professional. However, at US Mineral Exchange we help mineral owners sell mineral rights so we are biased. 1280 Royalties, LLC will work to best fit your needs. After contacting one of those companies, my aunt and I both experienced high. Garrett and everyone at US Minerals is the only place to go. 6. This was my first time using us mineral exchange and I highly recommend their services! Absolutely not! When someone tells you to never sell mineral rights they are probably not considering your personal situation. knowledgeable and responded to my questions promptly. Thank you Eric and Garrett for making this experience great, and effortless. My father always said "never sell your mineral rights". We want to help youmake the best decisionContact Us for a quick, personal responseContact us here Previous Next Integrity We put our customers first and are unwavering in our pursuit to exceed their expectations. They were. After listing, offers came in quickly, and were relayed to me without any high pressure sales or suggestion that I must act quickly or lose the opportunity. If you would rather continue to pay taxes and keep up with the required paperwork to maintain your mineral ownership, then you should stop reading now. When you own a stock, real estate, or other asset, you decide what happens with that asset. The age-old adage is ‘never sell your mineral rights’, but does that hold true in today’s market? Don't learn the hard way, use US MIneral Exchange first! SALEM, Ohio — There are those who say selling your mineral rights can be a good thing, depending on your situation. "The right to sell mineral rights is a luxury that U.S. citizens enjoy. Closing transaction went smoothly and was fast. After all, simply owning mineral rights costs you nothing. I could not be more pleased, and only wish my aunt had known about it in time to benefit. Contact with Eric from the US Mineral Exchange was always pleasant, he was polite and supportive, and provided information which helped me make my decision to sell without feeling pressured. Eugene Kiko, Realtor and auctioneer for Kiko Auctioneers, said the shale boom has created an interest in mineral rights sales, and the mineral rights market right now is paying more than the $3,000 or even $5,000 many landowners received when they … informative, and were both well above expectations in regard to their professionalism. He got me a better. I would highly recommend using USME for any sale you are considering. Mineral rights value is a very fluid notion. I contacted US Mineral Exchange to help me sell mineral rights that I inherited. Thank you! If the surface rights owner wants to retain a partial stake in the mineral rights below their property, they have the option to only sell off a percentage of their mineral rights. I was treated very well . By selling mineral rights the buyer steps into the shoes of the seller and recoups and collects any compensation from these minerals. I obtained minerals through an inheritance and I knew they were in a area of interest. Investment monies have flowed into funds that acquire mineral interests. As a mineral owner, you would prefer that an oil and gas operator comes in and drills immediately so that you can get your cash out. Many people who own mineral rights royalties are surprised to learn that mineral acres and royalty acres are two completely different things. At what point will clean and economic solutions cause oil and gas prices to plummet? She answered all of my questions and made the process smooth as butter! Steps. When you own mineral rights you do not decide when (or if) any drilling will take place. We suggest US Mineral Exchange as they are a reputable company that has been in business for many years. I received more than 6 times the amount per acre my aunt received. The deal is now closed, the money is in the bank! While mineral rights are under the spotlight, it would be best to sell now because you may never get the same prices. The good time to sell your mineral rights is the time that the money from the sale would serve your personal financial goals better than owning the mineral rights. Thank you US Mineral Exchange! Again, thank you for the very professional service. in taxes. 4 comments. A successful sale that earns you maximum profit with minimum effort depends on a confident seller familiar with the ins and outs of a complicated, time-sensitive market. He was always responsive within 24 hours, taking the time to explain current market trends that might affect our decisions. If you believe at some point there was income being received it would be worth checking with the state escheatment department to ensure you do not have any money due you. I found. I walked in to this process (even after extensive research) with an unsettling feeling not knowing much about how mineral rights were valued, how complicated or not the process of selling was from start to finish, and whether or not I was taking the right approach. Download our free mineral rights guide now! What does this mean exactly? price than initially thought I would get on the exchange. Some of the things to consider if you are thinking you should never sell mineral rights are: Many people wonder when the best time to sell your mineral rights is. I got the price I. wanted. Great people. Many mineral owners make the mistake of getting an offer and quickly selling. help military veterans. They helped me to get a great price and kept me updated through the whole process of selling my oil interests. The resulting payout I received was more than double of what I was able to find on my own. Here are 7 reasons to sell mineral rights. We only get paid if we can get you a better price than the current offer you have in hand. Conventional Wisdom Says Never Sell When it comes to mineral rights, the standard admonition has long been consistent and emphatic: Avoid selling them. There are always buyers in the market. Part 1 of 4: The fact is that the various characteristics of the underground geology dictate whether or not hydrocarbonsmay exist and to what extent. There was no cost to me, no high pressure sales, and I received so much more money for my mineral rights. If you have a copy of a deed or have been told that someone left you mineral rights but you know nothing else it is likely the minerals are not leased and not producing any income. My husband William Ware acquired Mineral Rights through his late Grandmother. A forum to discuss and share information related to mineral rights, including issues related to ownership, leasing, and whatnot. If you've received an offer or lease, read this carefully. Minerals type and quality – type of mineral resource, quality of in situ-grade, depth below service (deeper reserve deposits will be more capital-intensive to mine); Production levels and forecasts (used to determine the future cash flows of … My sister and I recently inherited mineral rights. My aunt and myself owned mineral shares on adjacent parcels of land in Eddy county, New Mexico. She clearly knows her field well and made suggestions that allowed us to receive an excellent price for our rights. For every mineral owner the “when” on selling your mineral rights will be different. We have never had an issue with U.S. Scott, Our experience with US Mineral Exchange was very positive. During all the complicated and uncertain parts of closing the deal, I felt assured that Garrett and Eric and Terra were looking out for me and keeping me informed of the progress. They were honest, forthright, and the consummate professionals. We will help answer any questions you have whether you are interested in selling or not. In each of the three mineral ownership categories mentioned above there are some guidelines on how to get an idea of value. We had been considering selling a portion of our gas royalties and after several offers (and they were all over the place) I knew I needed help to make a good decision. We fetched a much higher amount. If you, too, don't know what your Oil, Gas or Mineral rights can mean for you in that market place, contact USME and get educated! In fact, many now look to sell mineral rights for a plethora of reasons, and companies that facilitate those sales, or buy and sell mineral rights all on their own, have seen huge growth since the beginning of the 21st century. So in my opinion if you have some mineral rights and would like to sell them contact Jeff at the US Mineral Exchange . Ready To List? Short Term Financial Need:  Many mineral owners are facing a short term financial need. He communicated clearly and consistently with us through every step of the way. Terra and Garrett at the US Mineral Exchange were great at walking me through the process, answering my questions, and guiding me through the paperwork. An initial contact with Terra got me started gathering documents to use to post the sale on the website. I am not surprised. You get to decide when the time is right to sell or never sell mineral rights. When I finally. We have had many transactions with Garret and he has always been very professional. My experience with the mineral exchange could not have been more different. They made selling a portion of my mineral interests easy, and got me more money than I was offered on my own. If you recently lost your job, need to make a down payment on a home, want to start a business, or help your child through college, selling mineral rights can make sense. The support from Terra and Garrett was most kind and helpful throughout the entire process.

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