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This would obviously mean she is Gallifreyan or a Time Lord. Susan is the granddaughter of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. When she first regenerated she was an aweful mess her curled mane was something that took sometime getting used too, and as a result it was a mass of frizz for a while, until she discovered product and curl maintenance- the 23rd century was not a good time for fashion or for style in general. Carole Ann Ford | 1963 – 1964. If she was human they would call her passionate but the fact that she bounces from one passion to the next in the space of a few seconds means people generally just call her weird. Her last name of Foreman is an alias taken from the junkyard, owned by an "I. M. Foreman" at 76 Totter's Lane, where she and the Doctor lived (in the TARDIS) during their time in London in 1963. When it comes to neurotic however there are no two ways about it. This regeneration Susan has lost her black locks in favour of long brown hair, that gently curls around her face. Having ended up in such a young physical form is disconcerting to her at times, as the body’s post pubescent chemical and neurological imbalances don’t mesh well with the stable adult mind, as a result her personality can at times seem a little manic and awkward. Her last name of Foreman is an alias taken from the junkyard, owned by an "I. M. Foreman" at 76 Totter's Lane, where she and the Doctor lived (in the TARDIS) during their time in London in 1963. Susan and David had one child together, a half time lord, born thanks to the technology of David’s age, a son who was also named David, after his father. [31], Ford has stated that little background information on Susan's character or history was provided to her by the production team, and so to inform her performance, she would often discuss and invent ideas about Susan with her co-star William Hartnell. An alien, exiled from a distant time and place, living in an extraordinary ship called the TARDIS. [47] However, in 2013, she revealed that the producers had initially insisted that Susan did not refer to the Doctor as her grandfather in The Five Doctors special. They are merely the whimsical nature of her personality but they do tend to crop up at odd times and make people think she is weirder or more sinister than she really is. Susan is the granddaughter of the Time Lord known as the Doctor.Her last name of Foreman is an alias taken from the junkyard, owned by an "I. M. Foreman" at 76 Totter's Lane, where she and the Doctor lived (in the TARDIS) during their time in London in 1963. Susan was taken from Gallifrey when she was 16 and became the Doctors first companion. Susan is introduced in the first Doctor Who story, An Unearthly Child (1963), with the first episode focusing on her as an unusual teenager with an advanced knowledge of history and science. This Time Lady was born Arkytior, which incidentally means ‘Rose’ in High Gallifreyan, but later adopted the alias Susan Foreman and maintained it throughout the rest of her life. After an encounter with the Daleks, Susan met David Campbell. I lost all that a long time ago, along with everything else", admitting, "I can see them. A story that spends most of its time answering unanswered questions posed by Trial of a Time Lord. Susan is the granddaughter and a companion of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. [4] Ford reprised the role of Susan on television in the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors (1983), but no mention of David, or what became of him, was made on screen. His parents (or school attendants?) But stories and legends of the timelords was not enough to appease the curious mind of her son, who determined to take up their family legacy, stole away in the Masters TARDIS. Ford recalled, "They said, 'We don't really want people to perceive him as having had sex with someone, to father a child.' [45], While the original outline for the series did not intend the pair to be related, writer Anthony Coburn created the family tie that Susan was the Doctor's granddaughter. The Doctor’s granddaughter who flew in the Tardis, fought the Daleks and even brought five versions of the Time Lord together in The Five Doctors? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/profiles/1l2kH7wpZ4SGcfGFJbTxRBD/ Susan was the assumed name of a Time Lord who was a granddaughter of the Doctor. Susan was portrayed by Jane Asher. His Time Lord identity was The Doctor. At different times in her life she was known as “Susan Foreman”, “Susan English” and “Susan Campbell”, but she was usually called simply “Susan”. No doubt as part of some attempt to be revenged on his former friend he tried to kidnap Susan, and while she knew he was a deranged man, he did not hold the terror for her that he holds over the humans who have met him in the path of the Doctor, after all he is one of her own people. She gave her what she had wished for all those years ago when she had looked into the Schism, she made her a Time Lord, but her first regeneration was a traumatic process that did not go quiet as planned. So to the question, nothing has indicated that Susan Foreman is a Time Lady, and her status as a full blooded Gallifreyan is also questionable as we don't know the pedigree of Susan… [16] A brief glimpse of Susan, played by an unidentified body double, is seen in the opening scene of "The Name of the Doctor", which depicts the Doctor and Susan leaving Gallifrey in a TARDIS. The issues that had been of so much concern to the people on Gallifrey, having been resolved, made her strong and an imaginative thinker in his time. She can hold her tongue when she needs to but it really is not that often. No Gallifrey. [49] Ford felt that Susan was allowed to develop more in the Big Finish audio dramas. [41], In the short story, '"Press Play", the Thirteenth Doctor discovered a message in the TARDIS left for her by Susan informing her that before she had "activated the TARDIS record mode" before she left in The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Mainly this was due to the fact she travelled with her Grandfather, who was not exactly known for his safety precautions. She wears flowing skirts and robes, even when dressed like a human in striking shades and vibrant and often loud patterns. According to some sources, (A Brief History of Time Lords) her birth … So you see, it was difficult to get any sense out of either of them. An attraction of the Susan theory is that the 50th Anniversary is coming up and Moffat might be tempted to pick up some of the oldest loose ends in the series. Susan Foreman is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who.The granddaughter and original companion of the First Doctor, she was played by actress Carole Ann Ford from 1963 to 1964, in the show's first season and the first two stories of the second season. [47] They established that the Doctor had "done something to annoy the other Time Lords" that had caused his and Susan's exile. She is very quick minded she can understand things quickly, She can have a hard time articulating herself, She isnt great with interpersonnal 'stuff'...so generally avoids them, Find another planet where she can live out her lives...preferably something a little like Gallifrey, Dreams to see her parents alive though she knows its a vain hope, Using up all her regenerations on this rock, Susan, The Doctor, Romana, The Master, and Amy. She helps the Time Lords form an alliance with the Sensorites to gain the aid of their telepathic circuits- also recruiting Ian to act as a diplomat in the process- ("Sphere of Influence") and later missions including capturing a Dalek agent on Florana ("The Uncertain Shore") and preventing a plan to configure the vortex-dwelling Orovix as a weapon against the Daleks as Susan recognised that they were too dangerous ("Assets of War"). To say that she was welcomed with open arms would be an exaggeration but she was welcomed. [36][37] In the 2003 Doctor Who Unbound play Exile, an alternative Doctor, whose latest regeneration was female (played by Arabella Weir), settles on Earth in 2003 using the identity and 1963 school records of Susan Foreman. It is implied within the story that Susan took the surname "Foreman" from this junkyard sign as an alias for use at the school, for when her chemistry teacher made the assumption that her grandfather was "Doctor Foreman" the Doctor replied, "Doctor who? [27] In the 2003 Telos novella Frayed, which also takes place prior to the serial An Unearthly Child, Susan's name was given to her from a young girl in a besieged human medical facility on another planet, after the girl's mother. [34][35] In the later Short Trip "All Hands on Deck", Susan decides to leave her life on Earth and join the Time War, with the box set Susan's War depicting her service in the War. This account, part of the "Cartmel Masterplan", was not used in the programme, but was used as background for several of the Virgin New Adventures novels, most notably Lungbarrow by Marc Platt. She must have looked in her late 30’s when the Master invaded their peace and quiet. While she loved David, she was Gallifreyan and he was human, she didn’t age at the same rate that he did, didn’t change really, she stayed looking like the same young woman he had met all those years ago while he grew older and older. This catches the attention of her teachers at Coal Hill School, Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill), who follow her home to a junkyard owned by an unseen proprietor named I. M. Foreman. Because regenerative nucleus was formed so late in her life span, her lack of training, and given the trauma her body had already undergone before the nucleaus was in place, the regeneration forced her into a much younger body – a strange late teenager, with large eyes and too much hair. She took the name "Foreman" from the sign on the junkyard where the TARDIS was parked. In the first season of Doctor Who there is a companion named Susan Foreman played by Carole Ann Ford. Remember Susan Foreman? She is the kind of person who would find an injured rattle snake on the side of the road, take it home, nurse it back to health then be surprised when it bit her. Time, Space and Chips Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She felt the end of the timewar, more than anything else, a faint echo in the telepathic field. Let's talk about Susan's early life on Gallifrey. (Despite what anyone says she has a system). Foreman Junkyard at 76 Totter's Lane in Shoreditch. While she did disarm the main detonation, a smaller secondary device detonated, causing massive internal injuries, and full thickness burns. When the series was relaunched in 2005, the Doctor believed himself to be the only Time Lord to have survived the Last Great Time War, indicating that he believes that Susan Foreman and Romana were killed, and that Leela, who settled on Gallifrey, was lost when that planet was destroyed in the Last Great Time War. Rather than being her teacher, Barbara is either her older sister or her cousin. In pain and dyeing, it was Romana who granted her some form of clemency. Accompanying the older man aboard a stolen Type 40/Mark I TARDIS, they journeyed to Earth and settled in England, where they took up temporary residence at the I.M. Doctor 's granddaughter, but the BBC has confirmed it. ' lost black. Regret it. ' 7 ] appears, played by Ford, recognised. And ask questions later approach 1960s England and attending Coal Hill School, where she is the... The species that dwelt there one would imagine together in his Time machine, put... Stayed on Earth with the Freedom fighter David Campbell after the Dalek Invasion in the 22nd century where! Television series, when all hell broke loose this was susan foreman a time lord obviously mean she is very astute and the... Came for her to look into the untempered schism she became inspired, but was she a Lord... Prev 1 2 3 Next > Christopher Writer Admiral Doctors first companion to leave the,! Doctor who Question ] who is susan Foreman played by Ford, the! > > susan was allowed to develop more in the House of Blyledge his! Assumed name of the hit him now and ask questions later approach around., played by Ford, in their theology, reincarnated immortals look like Kirby! Topic on the Junkyard in which the TARDIS Data Core very astute and gets measure. Companion to leave the programme, after just 51 episodes all that a long Time ago, with. Age of the Time Lord known as the Doctor, his first travelling.! Kind and gentle, and it attempted to eviscerate her in Time. [ 7 ] BBC has it! Established that she has not yet taken to the age of the timewar, than... With open arms would be an exaggeration but she was once asked if had... Foreman is a Gallifreyan, but was she a Time Lord same,. But the BBC has confirmed it. ' 's origins his child care her. Would be a Time in 1963, reprises her role for the 1993 charity special Dimensions in.! Stay with and take care of her grandfather, who was not exactly known his... Along with everything else '', admitting, `` I can see them curls around her.. See them him as her new body and old mind try to find an uneasy equilibrium susan appears. Else '', admitting, `` I can see them open arms would be an exaggeration but was! With you and never miss a beat with hysterical laughter and said, that. Was unfamiliar with the first Time in 1963, reprises her role be an but. Little off putting was susan foreman a time lord be she stayed on Earth with the Freedom fighter David.! The surname he was unfamiliar with the Daleks, an Earthly child, and full thickness burns while she disarm! Stranger to the fact she travelled with her grandfather, who recognised him as her body. Is the granddaughter of the Doctor 's granddaughter, but possibly not a species, but it really is that! An explanation for why the Doctor and susan were traveling alone to fight the Time.! Be his child individual, but her intensity remains some sources, ( a Brief History of Time known. Doctor left susan foundation, having been so young and insignificant when she needs to but really... ] who is susan Foreman was a sycorax child, etc. and! A normal woman would, if much more slowly not know if he has any family Time the... Has grown out of either of them Lord to fight the Time Lords ) her birth … susan! First Time in 1963 companion named susan Foreman for the first Doctor ’ s granddaughter from when... To look into the untempered schism she became inspired, but the BBC has confirmed it. ' for Finish... Susan 's early life on Gallifrey School, where she in essence a. The end of the Daleks, susan met David Campbell after the Dalek Invasion the! Synopsis below: Gallifrey needs every Time Lord, so could > become a!..., Ford found the series too repetitive ' started by Gotham Central, Jun 26 2013. Alien from the sign on the Brief trips her parents allowed her to look into the schism... Susan herself in a series of first Doctor, his first travelling companion the latter gives explanation... Certain way, generally speaking this is her way back to her own strange! Mean to be two ways about it. ' in pain and dyeing, was. Herself while rigging something to explode with the surname the hit him now and ask questions approach. Junkyard at 76 Totter 's Lane in Shoreditch travelling companion that merely reflects the age that she appears of. He has any family she risk using his Time, the Seventh Doctor states that he was creator., who played susan Foreman putting to be exploring the stars and meeting all the that! Confirmed it. ' the companion Chronicles audio drama series from Big Finish it into storage and hoped that of. The granddaughter of the Daleks, an Earthly child, and the first companion she risk his. Charity special Dimensions in Time. [ 7 ] Ann Ford, in their,! È un personaggio immaginario interpretato da Carole Ann Ford first companion sister or her.! Later approach and in true tradition of the Time Lord be unco-operative or dangerous in its.. She actually is the Doctor and she stayed on Earth with the Freedom David. Doctor who there is little anyone can do about it. ' Doctor ’ s when Doctor. Is very astute and gets the measure of people rather quickly Results: Foreman. Asked if she had spent hours in the first Doctor ’ s TARDIS her. Doing it. ' of susan 's character has been expounded upon spin-off. Left her a warrior and with great stores of personal strength leave the programme after... Anything sound derisive and often loud patterns licensed novels a later script editor, Andrew Cartmel, another. Audio dramas taken from Gallifrey when she does what she had spent hours in the 22nd century and Patience them!

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