Little River is blessed with no internationally recognised natural wonders, no Guggenheim, no fiords, no towering waterfalls, no natural hot pools. Some see this as something lacking.

SiloStay’s team view Little River’s isolation and peacefulness as a definitive bonus, placing us at the forefront of civilisations quest for inner peace and tranquility.

Your time at SiloStay gives you an unsullied opportunity to seek and discover personal introspection – to come to understand what renowned Guru Karisma Barack said to be “the vision of one’s inner self, declothed of societies convoluted outer sheath.”

At SiloStay this vision is free and we believe the physically round silo only serves to heighten awareness of this personal search. Seek Joy, wherever you may find her.


COVID and the traffic light system

With effect from 3rd December 2021.

Please join the SiloTeam and assist us to in both remaining open and keeping everyone safe by following our easy rules.

As our Silos are isolated from each other, and the SiloCheck-In is contactless, we are not requesting Vaccine Passes.

The only areas where SiloNauts might encounter each other are at the Key Kiosk and Drop-Off, in the car park or on the boardwalks providing access to the Silos.

We are therefore requesting that Face Masks or coverings are worn in these areas and correct social distancing is maintained. Hand sanitiser is provided in the silo and at the key kiosk.

It should be remembered that with our Exclusive SiloPackages involving other businesses, all these other businesses do require vaccine passes, so this must be taken into account when planning your trip.

Once you are past the chain at the entrance to your Covid-Cleaned Silo, you can be in your own SiloBubble and enjoy your Silostay, with or without your mask.


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