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https://www.marineinsight.com/search-results/?q=women, I AM A SATELITE INSTALLER AND ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEER AND I WANT TO BE A NAVY MAN, What compulsory urgent senior secondary 12 stundy in physics chemistary to join a nautical science courses. Hands-on training is extremely important as a deck officer and thus detailed procedure and maintenance techniques of importance deck machinery is an integral part of this course. Stakeholder’s Feedback on the Newly Developed PEO and SO of BSMT & BSMARE in LIMA by: Dr. Bella Luz M. Dinglasan & Engr. This change has a great impact to the study and learning of the students as they become aware and responsible enough to help in the formation of the community and to participate actively in its activities. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. @Shahin: Basic Knowledge of computer operation is enough. @Balkar: Similar questions has already been answered here: http://forums.marineinsight.com Your email address will not be published. Do both marine engineers and deck officer can work on ships?? Hii sir , Several modular courses that are required to join a ship are also included in the syllabus of nautical science which is mandatory as per the IMO STCW Convention. Average Grade for PRC exam results of Class 2012 and 2013 The summary of the PRC Licensure Examination proficiencies of the two classes of both BSMT and BSMarE … God bless you for your next journey. The BSMarE program offered by the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy is basically designed to prepare PMMA Midshipmen for duties as Marine Engineers aboard ship after graduation. Please check these article: Looking for the definition of BSMARE? Page Transparency See More. Both courses received certification from their respective companies most especially to those who graduated with flying colors (Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude). How would you know which one to choose and what to expect from that? Greater importance is given to impart skills and competencies that are required to operate and maintain machinery onboard ships. Community See All. ( Log Out /  The Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) is a f our-year undergraduate degree program that leads to a professional career in the maritime industry, as a marine deck officer. It is a defining moment for those who will define their service with honor, purpose and distinction. I am an undergraduate who’s currently seeking for admission into a higher institution but i only and always have desire and passion for marine courses. Tags: deck cadet deck officer join merchant navy marine engineer marine engineering nautical science ship engineer. The lessons that the cadets have learned and have experienced while in school and international apprenticeship on board have prepared them well as they face bigger and tougher challenges in life. What is the difference between nautical science and marine engineering is one of the most common questions asked by students who are planning their career at the sea or by those who are looking for a job in the maritime industry. If you want to earn more money which is the best field in merchant navy. How? Taking course between BSMT and BSMarE is the key to level-up your marine journey or for better position. BSMT (F1, F2, F3) 72.90% 71.89% 72.40% 2012 72.27% 70.42% 73.88% 72.15% BSMarE (F1, F2, F3, F4) BSMT (F1, F2, F3) 82.53% 81.69% 82.11% 2013 81.41% 81.00% 80.40% 80.70% BSMarE (F1, F2, F3, F4) OVER-ALL AVERAGE : 76.84% Table 1. sir I am in 12 th std after 12th i want to do marine engineering i Just want more information about it, @Shruti: Please check this article for more information – https://www.marineinsight.com/careers-2/joining-merchant-navy-class-12th-india/. Iam interested in joining MOT so please give me some suggestions regarding to the course.Thak you sir. Contact NGEC7 - Science Technology and Society BSMarE 3 & BSMT 3 on Messenger. i had completed my 12 in central board secondary examination and i am little bit confused of taking marine enginering ,naval archtecture, diploma in nautical science..which onee should i take…..plss..its urgennt …pls reply mee. There have been instances wherein an individual has chosen one stream only to realise that it doesn’t suit their academic inclination or the prospects that they have for their career at sea, wanting to opt-out of it or into another. … ensure that every BSMT and BSMarE student shall have the opportunity to undergo an approved seagoing service of not less than twelve (12) months which includes onboard training that meets the requirements of Section A-II/1 of the STCW Code documented in an approved training record book (TRB) and perform, during the required seagoing service, bridge watch keeping duties under the supervision … engineers or both. What are the basics requirements please but my best subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Biology and English Language. Likewise, University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue (UCLM) Maritime Education holds a key to a successful future for the seafarers, their family, their beloved, and the maritime industry in general. Hello, am from Nigeria and I have completed my OND in marine engineering. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. students(BSMT Curriculum, 2008-2009; BSMT Curriculum, 2013-2014; BSMarE Curriculum, 2008-2009; BSMarE Curriculum, 2013-2014). The main aim is to introduce engineering sciences to the students and to make them understand the applications of those sciences in various aspects of marine engineering. I would really love to ask, is there any course like “Marine Safety” please? It marks the first stage in the strategy and outlines to instructors BSM’s vision of ‘Better, Safer Motorists’ for the future. If you were able to overcome the tremendous obstacles in your life, then there should be no reason why you cannot attain your goals in the competitive world of work.” Indeed, the cadets’ success will encourage them to moderate their care-free attitude and to prepare them for the next stage because a seafarer’s life can be fun and challenging as well. Each movement crisped, each boot hit the deck in unison; it was the finest performance their families have ever seen. Which is the best combination. About See All. (I honestly think present graduates who go the OS/WPR route will have a hard time to get office based jobs because route to being a Master/CE is too long) If you cannot go PMMA or MAAP, try schools with tie ups from shipping companies. Here is the poll: 25/03/2012 . Theoretical and practical knowledge required for seamanship, chart work, collision prevention, navigation, bridge equipment & watchkeeping, cargo handling & stowage, ship stability, naval architecture (elementary), meteorology, marine signalling and ship maintenance and operation is imparted during the three years course among others, along with exposure to other areas that are necessary for managerial skills. merchants navy ? It’s a reward for their remarkable achievement as a student and as a cadet. Another round of applauses thundered across the hall when the Norwegian Shipowners Association’s (NSA) guests and the representatives of each company namely: BW, GRIEG, KGJS, OSM, RCPO, SOLSTAD, SOLVANG, TEEKAY, TSM, WWL, ABOJEB, GLOBE-MASTER, appeared in the crowd. Yes! While seafaring profession is indeed a lucrative career, it requires rigorous educational trainings and genuine interest in this very challenging field. I am rahul,i studied 12th (SCIENCE) then what courses i have to join About 35 schools plan to close down BSMT/BSMarE programs September 25, 2020 ITF: Cadets Are Not Cheap Labors September 19, 2020 Pandemic paving the way for more MLC 2006 violations? There are several other technical streams that sprout out from this field. @Alvin: It will entirely depend on your inclination towards a particular subject/ stream. Or must it be science course, I want to sit for an exam, the subject combination for Nautical Science is confusing : Math, English, Physics and Geography or Math, physics, Geography and computer. ( Log Out /  If not I will prefer Nautical Science to Marine Engineering. How to get admission in bscnautical sciences.what is the criteria. See you! What can you say about Computerized Attendance in all activities in our Institution. Will,., just asking.for my best friend. or. After completing sufficient time at the sea (experience/sea time required as a deck cadet varies with the course pursued at the undergraduate level) and clearing required certificate of competency exams, the cadet becomes eligible to be employed as a navigating officer on board a merchant ship. For salary structure, please check this article: Sir once i leave the ship after 6 monts duration . Which field should I choose. I will be completing my senior secondary school next year and am applying to the regional maritime university in Ghana to study marine engineering and I want to know if you are able to bring student from other country. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has expressed its full support to the … Shilavadra Bhattacharjee is a shipbroker with a background in commercial operations after having sailed onboard as a Third Officer. Congratulations as well for passing the Board Exam. The improvements on the revised policies, standards, and guidelines for the Bachelor BSMT and BSMarE programs are scheduled to be forwarded to MHEIs in December 2019 and for full implementation in 2020, with the PMMA as lead implementer. At a very basic level, these courses are Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility. What is the difference between Diploma in Nautical Science and Degree in Nautical Science Magkano ang sahod ng seaman.Lahat ng rank sa Barko mula CADET hanggang CAPTAIN.Monthly SALARY ng Seaman And what type of job i get after diploma in nautical science…..Is there any collage in india who provide a education loan for this course diploma in nautical science. While seafaring profession is indeed a lucrative career, it requires rigorous educational trainings and genuine interest in this very challenging field. On their graduation day, sentiment of gratefulness was expressed to their family, teachers, school officials, guests and friends for committing themselves to journey with them and above all to God who’s behind everything from the gift that they have received. Iam studying naval architecture and marine engineering in Andhra University Visakhapatnam. Can you tell me what to choose nautical science or marine engineering. (present company): Rank/position: Are you onboard? Am Marcus moon from Nigeria, Sir i have finished my higher National diploma in Mechanical engineering and having interest in Marina engineering, Sir if I’m to go this course, how many years will it take me to have my Bsc/B.Tech in Marina engineering Sir i have gotten my higher National diploma in Mechanical engineering. Clearing these exams results in obtaining the compulsory ‘ticket’ to be a certified engineer officer on board. To realise the vision, BSM is committed to investment right across the business, and in particular, in technology, marketing and training to equip BSM driving school franchisee partners with the latest tools, products and support. What is the course fees for diploma in nautical science & B sc in nautical science for 3 years, also B.tech in Marine Engineering for 4 years. 66 people follow this. What is the Difference between Nautical Science and Marine Engineering? These are short courses that range between 2-5 days. So what is the difference between nautical science and marine engineering degrees? Nautical Science is a three years course that results in an undergraduate degree or diploma after which the student joins a ship as a trainee cadet officer (commonly referred to as a deck cadet). See more of NGEC7 - Science Technology and Society BSMarE 3 & BSMT 3 on Facebook. This first promotion comes with the designation of a Third Mate (or Junior Officer in some cases wherein the shipping company might require additional experience before becoming an OOW). An advanced version of these courses is to be completed prior to appearing for the certificate of competency examinations. Change ), “UCLM BSMARE and BSMT: Marching as One – One Last March”. 5 Sea 6 Advance Trim, Stability and Stress 6 0 6 Sea. Forgot account? General practice. Disclaimer: The authors’ views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Marine Insight. : Present company: Contact person & contact no. They have worked hard to be at this bar of stone and have achieved history in their educational journey. Nigeria….. Public. Atty. Please reply fast. Higher Salary; Opportunity to travel the world; Stepping stone to the higher position; Paid Leave, etc. thanks in anticipation Sir. and what is the fees structure? ( Log Out /  @Ben: Please check the details here- https://www.marineinsight.com/a-guide-to-join-merchant-navy/, @Nweke: Please check the details here- https://www.marineinsight.com/a-guide-to-join-merchant-navy/. Here are the list of names and schedules for medical examination of successful applicants for BSMT and BSMarE Programs! I miss you see you soonest babe. To my dearest dear Engineer Isidro Embrado Manlangit Jr. who graduated as Cum Laude under Solvang Company, indeed I am so proud of you. The article or images cannot be reproduced, copied, shared or used in any form without the permission of the author and Marine Insight. Please am confuse in choosen what course to study inbetween Marine engineering and Neutical science. UCLM continuously provides an attractive career opportunity with a broad international perspective. BS in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) BS in Marine Transportation (BSMT) BS in Customs Administration (BSCA) BS in Business Administration (BSBA) BS in Computer Science (BSCS) BS in Hospitality Management (BSHM) School of Engineering & Architecture. Augusto W. Go in his message to the graduates, has said, “Let today remind you of the yesterdays which made you what you are now; and, that your success will serve as an encouragement for you to face tomorrow with steady eyes. Both theoretical and practical aspects of marine machinery are covered with a special focus on the ship’s operation and maintenance of marine machinery. It promotes the maritime profession, making the Filipino seafarers in demand by shipping companies to manage their business resulting to continuous work opportunities, promotion, better pay which will all be beneficial for the seafarers’ family and the maritime industry in general. and which field gets better pakage, Is there any chances that you could be a captain if you will choose the nautical science instead of seaman? You can post your further doubts or que in the forums. Moreover, it is required that a Certificate of Validation and Approval" of the cadets' TRB and twelve months seagoing service be issued by the STO which shall also be submitted to the CHEDRO to support as basis for the issuance of SO for graduation of the candidate BSMT and/or BSMarE students. General practice teaching is a key part of our curriculum. Data and charts, if used, in the article have been sourced from available information and have not been authenticated by any statutory authority. In a statement on Sunday, MARINA said four of the 21 MHEIs with disapproved applications to operate were still accepting first year Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) and/or Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) students for the academic year 2018-2019 and were deceiving enrollees that the courses they offer are compliant with the 1978 Convention on Standards … I had interest in mathematics. The author and Marine Insight do not claim it to be accurate nor accept any responsibility for the same. Choosing one’s career in nautical science prepares a person to become a deck officer. Diploma in Nautical science and Marine engineering will help you work onboard ship and Naval Architecture is a land-based job. Is it advisable to go for nautical for HND. Their strong determination and unending hardwork have enabled them to obtain their prize and that is their diploma. While starting off at a maritime institute, it is only natural to be confused with regards to what stream to choose for further studies, especially for those that do not have direct access to anyone from the industry. His interests primarily lie in the energy sector, books and travelling. Thanks. Appendix J: Significance Difference on the BSMT-Respondents’ Shipboard Training Competence in term of Shipboard Training Program Functions when grouped according to Profile..... 92 Appendix K: Significance Difference on the BSMarE-Respondents’ Shipboard Training Competence in term of Shipboard Training Program Functions when grouped according to Profile..... 93. vii . Not Now. Respected sir It promises to better equip maritime students with the right knowledge and skills that they could use onboard ships as officers. It spoke for their long years of study and hard work. Moments at those times, they were about to graduate and claim their diplomas and certificates as symbols of completing successfully the educational ladder. Good morning sir, Can i turn my career in to marine feeld.? Like any conventional engineering course, marine engineering is a four-year course which prepares an individual to become an engineer on ships. This was their last day in the university, but the first and proudest for newly transformed mariners. Chair Dean Recommending Approval by: DR. CECILLE C. PRING Vice President for Academics and Research Page 2 of 2 BSMT Revised Curriculum Continuation THIRD YEAR FIRST SEMESTER LEC LAB UNITS Pre-requisites HRS HRS BT Basic Training *Nav 6 Operational Use of ECDIS 1 3 2 Nav. The curriculum of the course focuses on teaching the specialized knowledge of both theoretical and practical marine and mechanical engineering. BSMarE is a four-year diploma program leading to a career as Marine Engineer Officer, i.e, Fourth Engineer Officer, Third Engineer Officer, Second Engineer Officer, and finally Chief Engineer Officer. TRANSCRIPT OF RECORD (TOR) or CERTIFICATE OF ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS (CAR) FROM SCHOOL, if BSMT/BSMARE; Sa pag upload ng iyong mga requirements, pindutin lamang ang “ADD ATTACHMENT” button. Journal of Society & Technology Ampong, Pajaron & Ramirez and the professional background of the faculty and administrators were described with the use of frequency counts, percentages and means. ( Log Out /  The views constitute only the opinions and do not constitute any guidelines or recommendation on any course of action to be followed by the reader. Can i get the job in next ship please tell mi sir . The cadets from each class and or company lined up along the corridor and marched together. They were the graduates of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. School in the world especally in india or ghana or us thank you sir any my phone is +23407033319923 my emaill http://www.wisdomigwe24@yahoo.com, TO study marine engineering is tolani maritime institute is good, are shipping insdustry are in recession what is the salary structure of marine engineer in indian shipping and foreign company, For the entry level, Job crunch is very much visible in shipping. BSMT Dept. In this article we have tried to solve that query once for all. Graduates of this program can also hold such positions on land as Ship Superintendent, Ship Manager, Shipping Company Executive, Crewing Manager or Power Plant Engineer, among others. As you have a diploma, you need to undergo 2 year pre-sea training course in marine engineering for diploma engineers and after successfully completing it, you will be eligible to join the ship as trainee marine engineer. Education Website . Please take note of your schedule and be on time! @Saravana: Please post all your queries in our forums- http://forums.marineinsight.com, Do check these articles : https://www.marineinsight.com/search-results/?q=deck+officer, people as a marine engineer can you work in petroleum company, Please sir am still in scondary school as .school leaver and I will like to study with you people to be come a mariner and I will like to study as nautical science student and my quation is what kind of book do I start to read against next year and two how do I get admission to any maritime academies. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Deck officer are responsible for Navigation operation and engineer are responsible for Machinery on ship, When they reaches a port which of them are allowed to go and see the nearby places. Degrees or diplomas in nautical science or marine engineering are two ways in which one can get a job as an officer on merchant ships. @Marcus: I am not familiar with the JAMB exam system, however, biology is not a related subject for nautical studies. So either you go BSMT or BSME, its all timing, performance and school. It is therefore extremely important that one knows in advance what field they are going to pursue and what job they would be doing later on while on the ship. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has expressed its full support to the … Nautical science or Marine engineering . Marine engineering is a field that deals with the engineering aspect of the maritime industry. Please l have a first degree in Mathematics. The MARINA is working double-time to improve the existing PSG on BSMT and BSMarE to maintain the Philippines’ status as one of the top sources of competent seafarers who, apart from manning and leading internationally-flagged vessels, also contributed approximately PhP300 billion worth of remittance in 2017. : Did you take board exam? … BSMT BSMarE 79 Westbay College llaya St. Alabang, Muntinlupa City BSMT BSMarE Ⅺ Ⅸ Ⅹ Ⅻ NCR 3/4. https://www.marineinsight.com/careers-2/how-much-does-an-indian-seafarer-officer-earns/, Please ask your questions in our forums: http://forums.marineinsight.com. Your email address will not be published. @Abhinav: Both the stream will have almost similar salaries as you progress up. the BS Marine Transportation (BSMT) and BS Marine Engineering (BSMarE) programs 91. Sir,im joined nautical science.wht are the skills i need to develop to become a good deck officers.and wht are the qualities needed to select in campus interview sir. Welcome New BSMT and BSMarE students and also the new GenEd students! Ronnie Masangcay (2014) Show Abstract The study aimed to determine the stakeholders’ feedback on the newly-developed program educational objectives and student outcomes for BSMT and BSMARE in LIMA. @Naza: Usually, Physics chemistry and Mather along with English are the basic eligibility requirement subjects. In fact, quality education and training as an important pathway for improving access to employment opportunities of Filipino workers, are thereby provided by the said institution. You need to have Physics, Chemistry and Maths as a combination along with English. It provides an opportunity to place clinical problems in the wider context of the patient's social, emotional, psychological background and belief system, and introduces students to the wide … @Ashara: Contact colleges which provide GME course facility. I am very much enthusiast and have great interest in becoming a sailor, but I don’t really know how to go about it, the requirements and processes to undergo before achieving that. So I want to know if I can get the opportunity to study with you, I’m a marine engineering student of Delta State School Of Marine Technology, Burutu. The MARINA is working double-time to improve the existing PSG on BSMT and BSMarE to maintain the Philippines’ status as one of the top sources of competent seafarers who, apart from manning and leading internationally-flagged vessels, also contributed approximately PhP300 billion worth of remittance in 2017.

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