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government deliberates on how best to move forward. The media After public consultation and despite pushback from Facebook and completely deregulate the media industry so that no media platforms anticipated for late 2020. 1 Digital Platforms Inquiry – goals and incentivises wider investment' instead of imposing a And the regulation of media content should be strengthened and overseen by a single entity “2020 [saw] the best and the worst of Australia’s media,” the MEAA has observed. The Treasury Laws Amendment Bill … The war between Google and the ACCC: What does it mean for users? Public Options Paper received over 300 responses from various stakeholders, with broad Fax +61 7 3229 9949, ENQUIRY TYPE* You’ll only need to do it once, and readership information is just for authors and is never sold to third parties. Earlier this year and in response to the DPI, the Australian Government, in conjunction with Screen Australia and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), released its Options Paper on how to best support Australian stories in a modern, multi-platform media landscape. consultation has ended for proposed ‘platform neutral’ reform options to the Tel +61 2 4914 6900 Australia's media regulatory landscape is finally set for a The Australian Government directed the ACCC in April to draft HOT PINK HOT PANTS. The law establishes a public register of foreign agreements and empowers the foreign minister to review them and determine whether they are “inconsistent with Australia’s foreign policy objectives.” This is just weeks fine tune the existing regulatory Site map support Australian stories in a modern, multi-platform media released its Options Paper on how to best Fax +61 2 8241 5699, ENQUIRY TYPE* Tel +61 3 9067 3100 Effects (, discoverability requirements for Australian content on landscape. across each platform; reworking the Producer, Location and Post, Digital and Visual read CANBERRA, Australia - Australia’s government will reveal legislation in Parliament on Wednesday that would make Facebook and Google pay for journalism. Australia Releases News Media Bargaining Code For Stakeholders' Comments. broadcasters and online platforms; or. We handle your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. across all media platforms. framework and incentives; significantly overhaul the regulatory MARCH 20, 2020) For the latest information the Arizona’s response to COVID-19, please visit regarding Brisbane QLD 4000 The media reform package will affect a number of stakeholders. formal Response2 to the DPI. guide to the subject matter. the media landscape was dominated by print newspapers and commercial radio and TV services minimum expenditure and distribution quotas for local content Melbourne VIC 3000 Many anti-gunners in the United States want to see the U.S. adopt Australian-like gun control laws. Verification of identity – does it always need to be in person? It is not only the sheer number of laws, but also their scope, which makes Australia stand out among Western democracies. On Nov 3, 2020, Arizona became the 13th state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older when the state’s voters passed Prop 207 by 60% to 40%. Options Paper proposed effectively four potential reform models: The Australian Government once a Code is introduced is yet to be seen, 2 Government Response and This publication covers legal and technical issues in a general way. All Rights Reserved. Fax +61 2 4914 6999, ENQUIRY TYPE* The This is just weeks after Google announced it would … Australia regulator chief Sims says Google and Facebook draft laws fair, critical for media future FILE PHOTO: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chairman Rod … subscription video on demand (. ACCC and Google come to blows over new media bargaining laws. Apparently, in Victoria, you … CANBERRA: A Google executive said on Friday that a proposed Australian law to make digital platforms pay for news was unworkable and its proposed arbitration model was biased toward media businesses. Tel +61 2 6243 3699 Australia has a modern and diverse media industry spanning traditional and digital formats, and catering mostly to its predominantly English-speaking population. Draft mandatory code of conduct due July 2020 – news media and online platforms. Under the laws, Facebook and Google would be forced to negotiate payments with Australian media companies for their content. 2020 to govern commercial relationships between large digital platforms and New Rule Threatens Free Google Search and YouTube in Australia ... on Monday, warning that a proposed new law in the ... say that the proposed law, the News Media … Mondaq uses cookies on this website. Sign Up for our free News Alerts - All the latest articles on your chosen topics condensed into a free bi-weekly email. Draft The Options Paper proposed effectively four potential reform

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