To the manager/owner/cleaner/any other staff of the SiloStay, what a fantastic place you have created here! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and can’t wait to come back! Amazing service, and the finishing touches such as the ciabatta & the yummy chocolates finished it off! We loved how you have fully succeeded in making an industrial styled space feel welcoming and homely as well! This design is inspiring & it was a refreshing experience to stay here. We also loved the eco friendly and fair trade touches. They add an element of care to the complex which is much appreciated. Thank you so much, and see you again soon!

Sara - 11 Sep 2015

N & J – Silo 2

Simply fantastic!  Enjoyed our stay here very much.  Partner is a plumber so he enjoyed all the quirky fittings.  Very clean and homely.  Keep it up!

N & J – Silo 2 - 6 June 2016

Bill & Cath from Scotland

What an amazing experience, never seen anything like it before.  It had everything needed for a short stay & more.  The view from our bed was fantastic.  Our daughter booked it for my husbands birthday & Mother’s Day.  What a wonderful memory to take back home at the end of a wonderful month in New Zealand!

Bill & Cath from Scotland - Silo 2 - 5 May 2016

K & D, Little River

Fantastic stay.  Loved the twinkly lights at night and the sunrise in the morning.  I must say the cleaners here do a fabulous job!

K & D, Little River - 22 April 2016

Aria & Simon

Lovely small cosy house, very relaxing to have a holiday in.  When we walked in it looked way better than we imagined, one of my favourite places was the little bean bag space under the stairs it was cosy as!  Most of all I loved the view and how close the cafes and shops were.  I think we are going to stay here more than 100 times.

Aria & Simon - 9 April 2016

Ken, Sydney

A novel place to stay.  Great idea, love the area.  Enjoyed the mood lighting.  Recommend The Hilltop Tavern.

Ken, Sydney - March 2016

Peter & Carmela, Cape Cod USA


Peter & Carmela, Cape Cod USA - 24 February 2016

Guido & Teresa, Germany

Spectacular, cool, beautiful landscape, awesome, clever, smart, intelligent, fabulous…

A perfect “tiny – tin – house”  🙂

Guido & Teresa, Germany - 25 February 2016

Tim & Abby, Minnesota USA 14 January 2016

“TIN CAN DREAMING”  Our farm-house dwelling family is sure to be whining of jealousy.  What an amazing find.  Trying to decide which part is our favorite – It’s a toss up between the “eco toilet” (brilliant) and the Toolbox kitchen utensil holder.  Thank you for an unreal experience – can’t want to return.  Happy 14 days of marriage to US!

Tim & Abby, Minnesota USA 14 January 2016

Malcolm & Jennie, England

A night in a silo, what is Malcolm up to this time – probably his best idea!!  Had a wonderful time, a unique experience we will never forget in such a beautiful part of the world.

Malcolm & Jennie, England - 16 February 2016

John & Angela, Dunedin

Ingenious – Most “different” place we have every stayed in.  “Baked Beans” out of a can will never be the same again!  We loved the creativity that has gone into constructing these – we will be back.

John & Angela, Dunedin - 10 January 2016

Karen & John, Christchurch

Woke up to the sound of rain beating down on the silo roof!  Awesome when you are tucked up in bed!!  We’ll be back too!!

Karen & John, Christchurch - 26 September 2015

Deb & Net, ChCh

Absolutely fab place.  we love it here.  Now planning our next escape night away here again.  Next time hoping for a clear nite so we can lay under the stars in our bed.  Love love love

Deb & Net, ChCh - 13 June 2015

Travis & B

Excellent 3yr anniversary present from my partner. Worth the wait. Recommending to friends and ladies at work. Chocolates on arrival were nice and the bed was so comfy. Pity we couldn’t sneak it out…

Travis & B - 23 May 2015

C & C

The easter bunny treated me to a night here in our very own iron egg 🙂  I was thrilled to see where I would be spending my surprise night and have been left in awe of the imaginative and quirky treats SiloStay has to offer.  THANK YOU 🙂

C & C - 5 April 2015

Teresa et Alex, Brittany

Hugh Howey eat your heart out. He wrote a wonderful series of books about Silo life – absolutely nothing like this experience but both so enchanting. The silos here are more like castles/tree houses/60’s Boho – sets the imagination on fire. I loved the way industrial was made cosy – one of the most comfortable beds ever – and every bit of space made useful without losing the aesthetic. Thanks for sharing a dream. Merci et bonne chance

Teresa et Alex, Brittany - 4 January 2015

Kate, UK

Such an amazing place, really enjoyed my stay, just disappointed it was so short, will have to come back!  Thanks for recommending the Hilltop Tavern we had great food + live entertainment.

Kate, UK - 28 February 2015

From California

Today is Chinese New Year “Sheep” year.  It’s such special I can see sheep when I got up. Thanks for the guys who made this!  World needs awesomeness!

From California - Chinese New Year 2015

John & Sarah, USA

This was a wonderful, innovative, unique stay. We can imagine people in Vermont installing a woodstove w/ a chimney and living in silos in the Green Mountains.

John & Sarah, USA - January 2015


At first when we drove past we all burst out laughing and couldn’t believe our mum had booked us accommodation in a milo tin…….. -you can never judge a book by its cover- When we walked in we felt immediate comfort and were very impressed by the stylish and Eco-friendly features such as the towel rail….(that was actually the hot water system), the conservation of space using the trundle bed, galvanised pipes they used as lights+ lots, lots more. Overall we enjoyed our stay very much.

Super SILO STAY - 29 May 2015

Rob & Liz, Brisbane

Thankyou for a wonderful stay in “Silo No. 2”. Greaty concept, beautifully put together – and a real demonstration that ECO + LUXURY + UNIQUE can be achieved simultaneously!  Thank you.

Rob & Liz, Brisbane - Jan 2015

Diana & Dennis, Tauranga

After years of watching programmes on TV of ECO Homes, at last we have stayed in one!  = FABULOUS!  To all those involved – a huge THANK YOU!!

Diana & Dennis, Tauranga - 29 December 2014

Geraldine, Switzerland

Mera beaucoup pour cette formidable experience dans ces silos! La nuit fut tries agreable et paisible. Nous allons continues notre voyage avec ce super souvenirs que nous re manquerans pas de partager. Merci beaucoup.

Geraldine, Switzerland - 16 Dec 2014

B & A – Austria

Our travelling/road trip started in an other breathtaking ecofriendly accommodation (magic cottages at Tokou River, near Kerikeri, Northland). Today our last day started-our three week journey nearly ended. We will have a lot of impressions with us back home to Austria. One of our fond memories will be this silostay. I could only repeat what other guests wrote before. Incredible idea, fantastic design. See you next time 🙂

B & A – Austria - February 2015

C & D, Ireland & England

Absolutely amazing. A very innovative place. You have inspired us for our own house! Thank you so much for a MOST enjoyable stay. Everything was pristine, the bed SO comfortable and you’ve provided everything we could possibly need! We will definitely be back – thank you for the voucher! Loved loved loved it! Undoubtably the coolest and most thought-provoking accommodation we have stayed in!

C & D, Ireland & England - 13 March 15

H & D, Timaru

Like living in a work of art! Verrrry cool! Attention to details is incredible… especially loved the toilet basin/cistern filling set up and the way the heated towel rail worked. Will be telling everyone about your amazing place!!

H & D, Timaru - 17 Nov 2014

A & J, Australia

I can’t believe we were so stupid to have booked this.  We must have been mad.  What were we thinking….ONLY ONE NIGHT?!?!  I’ll admit I was dubious about the lack of windows and if I’d feel claustrophobic.  Blown away by the interior design and sense of space.  Innovative, fun – stunning.  Thanks for the complimentary bottle of Valentine champagne and the voucher to come back.  We definitely will.  We learned from our mistake!!

A & J, Australia - 15 Feb 2015

C & B, Christchurch

Thank you for a lovely stay. We were blown away by the interior design when we walked in after having seen them many times in passing and wondering what they’d be like. Surpassed our imagination. Loved the space station-esque roof, heated towel rail, staircase, taps and kitchen drawers.  Thanks 🙂

C & B, Christchurch - 16 Feb 2015